Designers predict that embossed wallpaper will be one of the hottest trends this year. This affordable and easy-to-use wallcovering is available in a variety of patterns and finishes, and it provides a versatile way to create an upscale look in your home or office.
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Are you in cost control of building design and construction? I hereby suggest possible areas for cost savings

Did you now that wallpaper can apply directly to cement walls? 
We can hang a heavy duty wall liner directly over the concrete. The liner will protect your wallpaper from the texture of the concrete. In that case, you don’t need 2 by 4, drywall, drywall joint compound, and labor to work with it.

How about the total costs and returns expected from the project? If you google average cost for paint by the SQFT is $2.50 and up CAD and my price for wallpaper is  $ 1.85 with materials and installation for the property over 1500 SQFT. This is the case paint over paint and paints over wallpapering.

Check out the advantages of Wallpaper

Wallpaper can last up to 10 years and beyond, which makes it cost-effective in the long run. ( properly hung wallpaper will last 3 times as long as paint)
Wallpaper adheres easily and smoothly to walls, hiding many surface imperfection. It can add warmth, depth, and style to a room that monotone paint simply cannot achieve. Beautiful designs, intriguing textures, and beautiful prints have an impactful effect on the décor of a room
Beautiful designs, intriguing textures, and beautiful prints have an impactful effect on the décor of a room

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When designing a space there is a vast range of elements and tools to help you add texture, pattern, color, and depth to space. A rich space incorporates all of these characteristics such as texture, depth, pattern, color, and a focal point to create a layered and well-designed scheme. There are several ways to treat your walls and ceilings however wallpaper alone is the only method by which you can achieve all of these powerful design qualities together as a single package. Therefore, wallpaper is the easiest and least expensive way to drastically transform a space without needing many other elements.

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Good quality you achieve, so customers don’t leave! Our manufacturing companies have a very strong focus on quality. This gives them a good reputation and makes their customers happy and satisfied, so as my company focus is. I often at the job site installing wallpapers and noticed that there are some that causing shrinkage, bad images,
ink spreading and glue penetrating over surfaces, but some aren’t. I asked the customer where it from and who the manufacturer is and google it. No wonder why! The price what they are paying for it is the value they get. Quality means doing it right when no one is looking. The quality of what you do determines the quality of your life. We are the company that emphasizes the importance of investing in quality control measures, and we sell the quality and the price. Quality does not only begin with a letter Q, but it must be followed by U.

Top Question! Why do our products have so clear images?

Because We Use World Renowned LG Wallpaper & Epson Original Ink and use HD Mural wallpapers exclusively. That Brings HD Quality Murals.

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Make your home look like you hired an interior designer! The shopping holiday lets you can replace old rugs, update furniture pieces, and add some decor to your walls for a fraction of the original price. Mural your way to decorate the walls and beautify your establishment. " wow " your customer experience and stand out from your competitors. Commercial & Residential use. We supply high-end wallpapers & Mural wallpapers at very competitive pricing for hotels and Condos. Your Mural destination at Murals Selections

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we work until you are happy and deliver on the dot.

Are You with the Right Products?

We believe our memories more than facts. Here are some fact checking for our products.

As new harmful materials threaten our health and the importance of environmentally friendly building materials increases, we acquired a top-class score on Healthy Building Material Certification for our Wallpaper, which certifies the level of chemical materials emitted by the product.
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Product Matter. Our products line were found to fulfill all requirements in an environmental management system for developing and manufacturing wallpapers, as well as for providing additional services. It was accordingly certified for relevant fields. Try to obtain discounted rates for bundles of services at
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It doesn’t take a plane ride across the pond !!

The recent reports say with the increasing competition among the hospitality industry players, personalization of a hotel’s guest experience will be the one and only feature which will help the industry survive. In other words, personalization will no longer be an option but will become a mandate for hotels to survive the cut-throat competition. But, one wonders why are hotels not personalizing their offerings to their customers. The one and only response to this question is- the cost involved in personalizing services.

It doesn’t take a plane ride across the pond !!

Mural wallpapers can bring a big variety of settings and moods, from spooky to extravagant to quirky. They also have a unique opportunity to create a scene by designing decor to transport guests to a different place.
Does your hotel use one cookie cutting style that customers think dull and no taste? what if every guest room has a different theme?
Add segmentation and personalization based on profile data and use color therapy and drives guest engagement, retention based on profile data. Murals are one its way to inspired to offer the customer different emotions at the same Hotel.
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If a picture is worth a thousand words, is a BIG picture worth a million? A full mural wallpaper is going to offer you the greatest impact and is ultimately the best value for your money. This is one instance where size truly does matter. A partial wall will add colors, texture, interest and, if you wish, provide a theme to your space. However, a full wall mural will provide extraordinary drama and help you transform a room from ho-hum to incredibly chic. Check out our inventory 


Selections are so huge that you be spoilt for choice. We’ve engineered products to meet the specific needs of yours, so if your order is the moon, we deliver it along with a handful of stars. We want to be shined in our customer's eyes. All the products are tested and certified. We will follow through on a commitment, small or large. And we will go above and beyond, we make an even stronger impression. So, if you say you are going to ask for prices by tomorrow, we will do it for today. If you say you ask us to reduce prices because of local competition, a done job for reducing prices you bet! I will meet you at The Next Interior and Construction 

Bring Your Empty Walls To Life! Designers predict that embossed wallpaper will be one of the hottest trends this year. This affordable and easy-to-use wallcovering is available in a variety of patterns and finishes, and it provides a versatile way to create an upscale look in your home or office. We Offer Quantity Discounts To Large Properties.
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The key factor that determines the quality of wallpaper are its materials and the skill which it is constructed with.
The Next Interior & Construction, a whole slew of high-end wallpaper collection exclusively available in our store. Made from high-quality materials, prices are made more affordable than leading brands to give our customers more value for money and bigger savings.
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Interior designers have relied on wallpaper for centuries to add color, texture, and patterns to spaces, but turned to paint whenever they wanted to create large one-of-a-kind murals. Meanwhile, technology did not stand still. Recent developments in digital printing have opened up a whole new world of possibilities to bring empty walls to life with breath-taking designs. Even if you’re one of those people who have a love-hate relationship with wall coverings, there is no denying the many benefits of digital wallpaper.
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Balance in a room is as much about your emotion gives off feelings of stability and wellness. We design balance in room decorating. We create a harmonious space.
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