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For large properties such as hotels and condo, please ask for estimate worksheet at or call us at 587-985-8467 


Wallpapers for Retail, hospitality, corporate office, nightclubs, house, and other interiors.
Catalog designs are available . Professional Installation Service at low cost.
We offer everything from traditional to contemporary and modern; floral to geometric; funky to elegant as well as murals. Inventory includes a number of high -end designer brands. 


Shipping US & Canada | Installation Service Avail.

Any of our fine products can be customized to incorporate a screen print or embroidered logo. Please note that prices are per SQFT.
Please Submit your exact measurements of your desired mural space. Price Tips:
HD Quality Mural silk wallpaper $2.85 per SQFT and up and  Installation Extra 
There are price variences depend on wallpaper materials , ink use & manufacturers

Murals Estimate Tips : If your wall height is 8 FT and width is 6FT   8X6=48 SQFT  48x4.25 = $ 204 ( Mural Wallpaper )
Please ask for estimate worksheet if you need to cover more than one wall at or call us at 780-777-6963


Bring your empty walls to life

Walls are alive and well in the decorating with stylish color accents and patterns, for sure with wallpapers & wall coverings, It will always be popular because of their flexibility. You have unlimited options for your wall decor, as well as other surfaces and materials. Even the location of your accent wall is purely personal. Your home is unique, so your walls should be just as special. Wallpaper or coverings can be used in any room. Murals wall customize options with any photo, art piece or design to fit your personal preference. 


Painting   vs   Wall Paper
Cost Comparision

Ask for Cost Estimate worksheet at if you are covering more than one wall



Estimate Tips by total sqft ( this is not 100% accurate )

We print our murals on the world-renowned LG wallpaper which is best material available on the market.
We compared and tested dozens of materials to choose the one that combines the best print quality and ease of installation. 

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Mural designs